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SOURCE consultants are adept in the numerous financial systems and technology software solutions for which Source Consulting Group offers services. The following information describes the Intapp software solutions for which we offer our expertise: Intapp Open, Intapp Time, Intapp Walls and Intapp Integrate.

Intapp open
Intapp Time
Intapp Walls
Intapp Integrate


Intapp Open specializes in new business intake. It is a program designed to limit expensive implementation projects by addressing the specific needs of lawyers and professionals, firm management, IT stakeholders and risk staff. Input from law firms, insurance providers and other risk management experts helped in the design of Intapp Open, resulting in unique features such as conflicts clearance practices that can be centralized and distributed among practice heads and professionals, and a business rules engine that enables management of practice-specific matter/engagement evaluation procedures. A related product that can be added on is Intapp Flow. This product supports additional business workflows and processes.


Intapp Time is a time entry system widely used by law firms. It utilizes 360° Time Management, meaning that it is accessible across multiple devices. As an example, desktop timers can be accessed via mobile device. Other features include client guideline compliance checking at the point of entry and real-time e-billing validation. It also assigns durations and client codes automatically. This enables users to drag and drop the activity to create a time entry. Intapp Time provides analytics regarding time data before bill generation as well.

Intapp Walls

Intapp Walls automates information security to address professional rules and client requirements. It introduces a single interface that enables organizations to centrally control, monitor and report on the confidentiality lifecycle. It addresses professional rules, case law and client confidentiality requirements, and enforces ethical screens. It is an information barriers product.

Intapp Integrate

Intapp Integrate allows firms to streamline IT architecture, implement master data management frameworks and automate various business procedures. It offers ready-made templates for connecting a variety of applications, access to a peer community and a repertoire of third party consultants. It addresses such issues as new business intake, distribution list management and user provisioning.

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