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Financial and ERP System Selection

Matching the proper application to your firm’s needs is the most basic element in determining the benefit of your investment in a financial system.

SOURCE maintains a position as a product neutral firm and does not engage in any reseller agreements which allows us to render unbiased opinions on the technology solutions offered by any vendor. Our IT consultants can guide you through the process of understanding your software options and can provide the information necessary to identify the application which will best align with your firm’s current and future needs.

Laying a Solid Foundation

The importance of laying a solid foundation is the crux of a time tested adage highlighting the significance of putting forth due diligence before embarking on a substantial project. This lesson holds true when selecting a new financial system, especially for those in the professional services industry for whom accurate, timely accounting and effective billing practices are vital for lasting success. There are many factors to consider when shopping for new financial software, such as the needed functionality and processes, as well as your firm’s size, budget and growth rate, among others.

SOURCE understands the importance of developing a detailed plan based off of needs rather than desires. We are confident that our expertise regarding financial systems, such as Elite 3E, Aderant, SAP and other Enterprise replacements, as well as our knowledge of the selection process, will help you choose the optimal software solution for your firm. We have helped a number of law firms, accounting firms and even other consulting firms. With Source Consulting Group, you are in capable hands.

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