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Diversity and Inclusion

SOURCE understands that hiring diverse employees enables us to draw experience from a range of backgrounds, foster new and creative ideas and solutions and capitalize on overall employee value. In order to achieve this, we strive to incorporate who we are, what we believe and what we value in our organization into our working environment.

Companies with diverse and inclusive company cultures are more likely to be leaders in the 21st century business world and beyond. Not only do such companies see higher employee output and engagement, but employees in truly diverse and inclusive working environments show statistically significant performance advantages in areas such as innovation, customer service and team collaboration. By respecting the ideals, values, beliefs and needs of the individuals and organizations with whom we service and interact, we pride ourselves on not simply preaching workplace diversity and inclusion, but actively endeavoring to stimulate the epitome of such working environments within our company.

Many studies present statistics highlighting greater revenue percentages for gender diverse and ethnically diverse companies. However, this is not our greatest concern. While we do seek to attract, develop and mentor the best talent for our business, regardless of gender or cultural differences, the purpose is to pass this wealth of experience on to our clients. We achieve this in several ways. First and foremost, by creating a workplace environment characterized by fairness, positivity and inclusion, we motivate our employees to optimally leverage their unique talents and abilities. Second, we galvanize a collaborative atmosphere to promote teamwork between our colleagues. This ensures that knowledge is shared and transferred to others. Third, we actively encourage the free flow of communication amongst all levels of our organization. This way, our most seasoned consultants, administrators and directors can mentor new employees, and impart unto them years’ worth of experience.

We see diversity as a tremendous opportunity to grow not only as a firm, but as people within a firm as well. Throughout this process, we make it our goal to show our clients the same level of respect that we show all of those within our company. Some focus on the perceived difficulties of capitalizing on a diverse workplace, but here at Source, diversity is truly a part of who we are. Our employees come from areas not only throughout the United States, but from around the world. We look forward to sharing this advantage with you.