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SOURCE consultants are adept in the numerous financial systems and technology software solutions for which Source Consulting Group offers services. The following information describes the Data Fusion Technologies software solutions for which we offer our expertise: Intellistat Analytics, Intellistat Financial Reporting and Intellistat Dashboards.

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Intellistat Analytics

Intellistat Analytics simplifies your firm’s performance management, inquiry and reporting. It is a centralized business intelligence platform for firms using Enterprise, 3E or Aderant financial software. It was designed with large law firms specifically in mind in order to help them achieve fast access to important operational metrics such as billing and collections, profitability, realization and other user-defined metrics.

Intellistat Financial Reporting

Intellistat Financial Reporting is designed to meet the complex reporting requirements of you firm. The following are the system’s report types:

  • Snapshot: Created for frequency based reporting, such as weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. and historical archiving.
  • Live Data: Created for up-to-the-minute reports for certain financial periods and detail levels.
  • Working: Created to enable users to view and modify reports for iterative development and refinement.
  • Custom: Created to allow the integration of any custom SSRS-based reports not created through the Intellistat Report Designer.

Intellistat Dashboards

Intellistat Dashboards allows you to create graphical visualizations for your analytics solution that displays your firm’s information. Dashboards can be tied to specific user groups such as offices, practice areas, the executive team or even individual attorneys. You can have a number of visualizations per dashboard, as well as many different dashboards. Drill-downs to more specific charts or data is included, and security settings are customizable.

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