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Software Upgrade Strategy Assistance

By assessing the existing environment and your business requirements, we can determine how to enhance your current software through a combination of product upgrades, third party additions and business process improvements.

SOURCE consultants can guide you through the entire upgrade process and find ways your firm can continually improve business operations. Some of what we offer includes:

  • Project Management
  • Hardware/Software Installation
  • New Features Training and Support
  • Process Review and Optimization
  • Data Cleanup and Optimization
  • Application Configuration and General Ledger Masking Assistance
  • Chart of Account Renumbering
  • Whitehill Template Assistance
  • 4GL Customization and Recompiles

The Financial System

The financial system is one of a firm’s biggest administrative financial assets. Firms are increasingly looking to improved efficiencies in back office operations as a means for achieving cost savings and profit improvement. Software upgrades are an integral component of maintaining system stability and efficient business processes.

Your Firm’s Investment in Financial Software

Optimizing an investment in financial software is an on-going process. Upgrades introduce new features and functionality, eliminate workarounds and apply fixes for known bugs. They may be required to maintain vendor support agreements. An efficient approach to upgrades will award your firm with a competitive edge at little cost and minimal risk.

Why Source?

A deep understanding of industry trends and your software’s functionality, along with proven project techniques, uniquely qualifies Source Consulting Group to guide your firm through the upgrade process. From Source, you can expect:

  • Expertise in identifying and explaining new application features available in the upgraded version
  • Development of testing plans designed to confirm the basic and advanced functionality of front-end system applications and workflows after the upgrade is complete
  • Management and scheduling of staff and 3rd party vendors
  • Planning for the recovery of workload which accumulates during system down-time
  • Assessment of business risks spurred by technical issues
  • Liaison between the Accounting, I.T. and other system user communities throughout the project to ensure the flow of information

Does Your Firm Need Help Upgrading its Financial System?

Firms which typically require assistance managing an upgrade include:

  • Firms with no central figure qualified to assess how feature enhancements can be leveraged by all users
  • Firms with a low tolerance for disruption to their business processes
  • Firms with no central figure to address the concerns of all user groups
  • Firms with no central figure to develop and manage business process testing

Your Source for Success

Business driven improvements and the efficient use of software are essential to gaining significant returns from your financial system. Source Consulting Group will help your firm in developing a mature use of its current financial system. Utilizing our business process design approach, and understanding of best practices along with industry, software and project management expertise, we are able to assist firms in delivering additional returns from investment in a financial management system.

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Our services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of our clients. For more detailed information on how we can help you, please feel free to contact us at or fill out our service request form.