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SOURCE consultants are adept in the numerous financial systems and technology software solutions for which Source Consulting Group offers services. The following information describes the Thomson Reuters Elite software solutions for which we offer our expertise: 3E, Design Gallery, Image Connect, Enterprise, WebView, Document Studio and Extend.

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The successor of Enterprise, 3E is an industry-leading financial system. It both streamlines tasks and provides business information in an organized, timely manner. 3E offers end-to-end technology that is highly scalable, providing for the needs of any user. Tracking and managing activity is easy, while security and quality remain high. Some of its capabilities include detailed, interactive reporting and analytics, workflow and collaboration, and multi-currency and multi-language support. Its primary purpose is to help law firms improve efficiency, thus increasing profitability.

Image Connect

Image Connect is a web-based imaging solution that delivers a fast and efficient way to store and retrieve images. It allows users to streamline application and network image storage and automate the association of images with transactions or records.


Enterprise provides financial and practice management, and business intelligence capabilities. Its financial management applications provide the foundation for automating accounting procedures, and provide access to vital financial and operational data. Business objectives are easier to achieve due to Enterprise’s performance monitoring tools. This comprehensive system is accessible to both national and multi-national firms operating across many offices, countries, currencies and languages.

Version 3.11 will be the last major release, and beginning in January of 2023, all versions of Enterprise will be on unsupported Microsoft technology. Learn more….


WebView allows users to retrieve financial and practice management data from any location with an internet connection. It streamlines and automates critical day-to-day business activities. Some features include the ability to track time, automatically apply time entries to Billing Manager and raise awareness of important dates through event notifications, among others.

Document Studio

Document Studio is a system that automates the creation and distribution of documents, and transforms data from back-office systems into business professional invoices and reports. It was created with legal and professional services firms specifically in mind.


Extend offers increased firm-wide attention to detail with an integrated event notification management system. It includes the ability to continually monitor for conditions that automatically trigger events for action.

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