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By choosing Source, you choose unmatched expertise in every aspect of professional services firm management.

Our team provides clients with a seamless combination of strategy, operation and technology services, management and leadership experience, as well as a dynamic brand of specialized expertise tailored to meet a range of diverse business needs. With a foundation of dedicated consultants and clients, and an unrivaled commitment to excellence, Source has positioned itself as the premier destination for up-to-date consulting services for law and other professional services firms.

We have managed and guided financial system implementations at many of the largest law firms in the world. Our experts understand the global and cultural facets of operations and change management that impact such implementations. Learn more about the roots of our unparalleled expertise by visiting About Source.

We provide tailored solutions for law and other professional services organizations, such as accounting and consulting firms. Our services range from new system selection and financial system implementation, to end user application training. For a full list of the services we provide, visit Our Services.

Best practices in legal and other professional services firms should equate to improved revenues, not just decreased expenses. We bring real world operational and technology solutions to firms based on our unparalleled experience and knowledge of best practices while upholding our core values and a commitment to excellence. For specific questions about how we can help your business, feel free to Contact Us.

What Our Experts Say

The professional services industry is changing dramatically because alternatives to hourly billing have brought increased price pressure while driving down profit margins. For these reasons, efficiency is at a premium, which is precisely why Source’s expert services are so essential to our clients. We look forward to expanding and growing the firm while maintaining our dedication to excellence.

Ms. Sonnie Yoon

Managing Director, Source Consulting Group LLC

One of the major challenges today’s professional services firms face is achieving an acceptable level of return-on-investment when implementing financial and business systems. Source’s expertise in business process and best practices helps companies identify areas for improvement and create strategies to fully realize the benefits of their technology investments.

Ms. Dana L. Clifford

Managing Director, Source Consulting Group LLC

Consultant of the Quarter

Source Consulting Group LLC proudly presents Avanthi Masthoff as our consultant of the quarter!

Source Consulting Group Consultant of the Quarter

Avanthi Masthoff

Source Consultant from Southern California

Avanthi has worked in the legal profession for 15+ years and leverages this experience to work with clients. Likewise, she applies her myriad of strengths to get the best possible outcome for projects. She has extensive experience in managing and coordinating efforts to evaluate, select and implement financial software, and oversee the training of end-users on applications while managing the overall project. She has the knowledge to utilize operational best practices to improve revenue and protect firms. Avanthi also has experience in coaching partners on practice development strategy and client management. She is Elite 3E system certified and has led and managed a 3E Administrator team. She is highly familiar with both Enterprise and 3E.

Fun Fact: Avanthi loves to travel to exotic places, disconnect and immerse herself in the local cultures. She is fascinated by conflict resolution as it pertains to countries that are going through difficult times.

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